Teaching in school

Question: Is teaching experience needed?

Answer: It’s not necessary. Your part teaching experience is from TEFL or TESOL course you learned completed successfully.

Question: Is there any support in teaching at class?

Answer: there will be Chinese teacher assistant in kindergarten and training centre. Class typically have students age of 3-12.

Question: Dress code

Answer: It’s better to wear smart-casual clothes such as a dress/skirt, coat or shirt, trousers and shoes (not trainers or sandals). Tattoos and face-piercings should not be visible when working.


Question: Accommodation provided?

Answer: Some schools do, but most of them are in 2nd or 3rd tier cities, a single apartment with furniture and household electric appliances.

Question: How much for a single flat in china?

Answer: 2,100-4,200RMB ($300- 600 or £235-470) at good locations

Question: Do I have support renting an apartment

Answer: Yes you do, we can help you find an apartment under your budget

Question: Do I need to pay the utility bills?

Answer: Yes, you do. 210-420RMB ($30-60 or £23-46 monthly)(depend on you).

Question: Is there a deposit on renting an apartment

Answer: Yes, normally 1-2 months rent, and agency fee is half month rent in some cities.

Question: Wifi?

Answer: You need to bring your own passport to apply as you will have to provide them with your identity to register with them. You can choose to pay monthly or yearly package range from around $90-200 or £70-156

Salary and money management

Question: How much for paid one month vacation?

Answer: Basic salary 5000 RMB ($715 or £555).

Question: How much should I bring to china?

Answer: We recommend that you have around $1,400-2,000 or £1,100-1,555 for the first 2 months


Question: Z work visa application

Answer: Requirements for application of work visa
Clean criminal record check
Bachelor degree or above with any discipline
TEFL or TESOL certificate
Employment contract
Passport photo with white background
Passport information page

Benefits package

Question: working meal

Answer: Most kindergartens provide free working meals, some primary will charge but its very affordable, around 50usd monthly

Question: Flight reimbursement

Answer: No more than 8,000RMB, first(4,000RMB) and second half (4,000RMB)will be paid at the end of each semester(2 semester for one academic year) together with salary.

Sociable software and Apps

Question: Any useful software app recommended?

Answer: Wechat and Alipay works a lot the most optimally in China, you will find that WeChat is an extremely convenient application. You will also find that just about everything is linked to WeChat (including your bank). All communication whether business or personal is done via WeChat.

Question: Any VPN recommended?

Answer: Astril and Express VPN are popular.

Question: Translation app?

Answer: Baidu or Google translate.

Additional information about China

Question: Cost of living in China?

Answer: 3,500-7,000 RMB ($500-1,000 or £400-780) in 1st tier cities, 2,100-5,600 ($300-800 or £230-620) in 2nd and 3rd tier cities.

Question: Healthy lifestyle?

Answer: Don’t drink tap water. You can drink boiled water or order bottle of water as it’s very affordable .

Question:Holiday adjustment?

Answer: There will be holiday adjustment period in china, for example they would ask you work on Sunday, but there will be a day off in weekdays. Banks, school, various businesses and government sectors would follow the same standard as well.