What We Offer

The benefit of working with us is that we make your life much easier. Trying to navigate all of the red tape that you’d need to sift through on your own will be exhausting; but with us, we will not only show you the way. But we will make it look effortless in doing so. Moreover, when you get to China you will have enough support and guidance to make your life stress-free, relaxing and enjoyable.

During the whole process, teachers will get great support and benefit from us taking care of their work visa application, pick-up at airport, SIM card and bank card set up, accommodation, police registration and language support with our English-speaking team during your stay in China.
We believe that if our teachers are happy and enjoying their lives then our schools will be and so too will the students! We’re confident that we can provide this given that our package, much like our team, is multi-dimensional when it comes to utility coupled with value.
Our goal is that all of our ESL teachers are happy, successful, and inspired. We make this a reality through the aforementioned services we offer which makes each teacher’s lives so much easier and takes the shock out of acclimating to a new culture!
As a way to prove to you how serious we are about encouraging you to come teach in China, we can offer you a fully funded 120 hour TEFL course (just 7-8 hours learning in fact)

Free training

If you’re looking to have some of the best guidance that can be found in China, then look no further! Our training program will ensure that you will receive a verified TEFL certificate free of cost (assuming you will be coming to work with one of our schools of course!).
Once you have returned the documents we need to submit your work permit to the appropriate work bureau you will then be eligible to be enrolled onto the online TEFL course. This training will cover all of the bases when it comes to teaching-pedagogical methods. Everything from lesson planning, grammar, classroom management, T.P.R. (total physical response) vocabulary, etc.
We also provide further training via our induction program. This program will encourage you to apply the theories that you have learned and iron out the kinks. You will be provided with assistance through your placement which will help you each step of the way.
As you continue to enjoy your time teaching in China, there will be more than enough opportunities for you to engage in professional training which can further help bolster and augment your existing skills. Events as well as workshops will give you the tools to help you flourish in your career as an educator of the precious young minds of our country!